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Blood and Violets Cover

Blood and Violets

Marie doesn't know how she managed to get herself kidnapped by a vampire or how she can possibly be having such uncomfortably lusty feelings for him when he's holding her a prisoner. Alexander wants a protégé, and this snarky, obnoxious young woman is absolutely perfect. He just has to manage his growing attraction to his feisty prisoner and keep her out of the way long enough to complete a vital business arrangement before proceeding with his plan.

Meanwhile, a shadowy group known as Carpe Sanguis is out to not only stop Alexander's plans but take his very life.

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Dana of the Whispering Wood

In the kingdom of Sithein, almost everyone believes in the magic of the fairies. Unfortunately when the Red Dragon's forces threaten the kingdom, the fairies can't save them, but maybe the magic of one young woman can.

Patrick doesn't know what to make of Dana, the young healer from the Whispering Wood, but it seems like her visions hold the key to finding the Snow Child who the prophecies say can save the kingdom from destruction at the hands of its powerful enemy. With every moment he spends with her he is more drawn to her, but she is only a peasant and his kingdom needs strong alliances if it's going to survive.

Patrick will be forced to chose between what's best for his kingdom and what his heart desperately wants, and Dana just might have to sacrifice everything that she is to keep that kingdom and Patrick safe.

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Arianna Pendragon

Arianna, a young vampire, joins her master in seeking the aid of the dragons whose princess resides in the small kingdom of Sithein in Ireland. The Southern Alliance, a group of three other families, seek their destruction, and it will take the magic and power of the dragons if they are to stand any chance.

Caedmon, the only son of Sithein's High Councilor, is drawn to Arianna not knowing who and what she is. Arianna finds herself falling for him despite their many differences.

When the Princess Fiona is kidnapped, all signs point to the Pendragon family. Now Arianna must make a choice. Will she turn her back on her family and help return the Princess to her home? Or will she betray the only ones who have ever offered her protection and the man she is coming to love?

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Fiona O'Sithein

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Fiona O'Sithein

When Princess Fiona of Sithein's father threatens to force her into an arranged marriage, she runs to her friends Caedmon and Arianna in England. They've been like a brother and sister to her for most of her life, but Caedmon and Arianna are vampires, and now is not a good time to be a vampire in London. She finds herself in the crossfire of a battle between her friends' vampire family and a mysterious new group called the Knights of the Order Nocturne.

When Caedmon and Arianna stop an attack on a vampire who's about to be killed by these men, things only get more complicated. Beltran is the same man who befriended Fiona and saved her life when she was a little girl. She's had a terrible crush on him most of her life. He was her knight in shining armor, but now that she's a grown woman she realizes that he's one of the most difficult, emotionally distant, and downright stubborn people she's ever known.

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