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Dark Waters

Tristan left the love of his life hundreds of years ago so that she could have a normal human life.  Now Caroline's back, and she wants him dead for abandoning her.


The Vampire Whisperer

Rune hired a trainer to look after his horses during the day when he couldn't be with them, but he wasn't expecting Harley to be a woman. Harley thinks she's going to have problems with Rune because she's not what he expected, but it turns out to be the best job she's ever had.  Her charges are fantastic, but her intriguing new boss, hurt by the past he keeps so secret, seems to be completely unreachable.


D is for Dragon

What do you do when you're the king of the dragons and your grandmother, the queen of the fairies, shows up on your doorstep reborn into the body of an eight year old girl?  Well, for Arlan the answer's easy.  Hire her a governess.


A Fairy Tale         

Aine is the fairy queen with all the responsibilities that entails, but unfortunately she's also a college student trying to survive Calculus.  Aaron doesn't know it, but in a former life he was King Arlan O'Sithein, the only man that Aine ever loved.  When he and Aine meet, he's sure he knows her from somewhere, but he can't seem to place it.  She, however, knows him in an instant.  The only thing she doesn't know is how she's going to help him remember their past before it's too late.

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